Off the Wall - eBook of Wise(?) Sayings


Off the Wall Version 6

Over 210 of these wise(?) saying from around my store & 15+ photos of Hope Town and Elbow Cay make a great reminder of your visit, or a nice present to anyone who needs an injection of humour ...and who does not?

Major categories of sayings include: Great Insults, Terrible Wife & Husband Jokes, Fishing, Church Bloopers, and lots of other very silly stuff!

This eBook in PDF downloadable format is available for $16. To order and have this emailed to you, press:

NB: Payment will be in favour of: PERFORMAX Technologies Inc., the producers of the book.

For local contact in the Abacos, Vernon can be reached at (242) 366-0037, or VHF 16
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